Here’s a special update on changes to Community Prayer Partners for the coming year:

The steering committee for Community Prayer Partners, having spent time praying and seeking God for CPP Vision for 2011, feels directed to get back to our original purpose; PRAYING TOGETHER IS OUR TOP PRIORITY.

We will intercede about the issues that need to be addressed in NE Louisiana. We will pray together weekly in order to receive direction and power from on high to address these things, we will carry out what we have heard to do.

We encourage all Pastors who are committed to CPP to prioritize their schedules and pray with us weekly (Thursdays at 8:00 AM beginning in January 2011) at Mt. Zion Baptist Church (211 Mt. Zion Street in Monroe). All pastors are busy but it will show the community that we believe praying together makes a difference by showing up weekly to this meeting.

When appointments begin to be made around this time it will show that we are “reserving this time for prayer together as Pastors“. We acknowledge that ALL PASTORS must miss at times but we also believe that when we do not allow anything to prevent  

us from attending “on a regular basis”, we are making a statement that “PRAYER IS PRIORITY“.

There are times to get up from prayer and act but we believe we have left the PRAYER PRIORITY and now we are returning to it. There are 10-15 Pastors who have attended this prayer time over the last few years who never attend now. Those currently attending the prayer time acknowledge that “something has changed among us” who have been praying together weekly since last August and it is powerful. (Anyone is welcome to attend but no one can replace the Pastor who chooses to make this a priority in their schedule.)

Also, we will:

  • Cancel first Thursday prayer at Pentecostals of the Twin Cities building (most attending this meeting are attending the weekly Pastors Prayer Time). Anyone attending the 6:30 prayer time wishing to continue to meet at that time is welcome to move it to a different location.
  • We will not have a Super Bowl service this year. (We have had a CPP Communion service in August at Christ Church and the Fresh Encounter Conference at Cedar Crest in November).
  • We will have a National Day of Prayer Service May 5th.
  • We will pray for School Campuses in September.
  • We will schedule work days to do community projects approximately twice a year.
  • We encourage churches to have joint services.

The Mission of Community Prayer Partners:

Our Mission is to unite the body of Christ in a concerted, effectual, fervent prayer; asking God to revive His church and send spiritual awakening to all of Northeast Louisiana.

Our Covenant:

1. We covenant to pray for the students, faculty, administration, and school boards for our schools in Monroe City and Ouachita Parish, the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Delta Community, Technical and Trade Schools. We will support our students as they express their faith on their school campuses.

2. We covenant to seek the face of our Heavenly Father in humility, brokenness, and repentance asking Him to revive His people and send spiritual awakening to northeast Louisiana, the United States of America and the World.

3. We covenant to participate in the National Day of Prayer.

4. We covenant to pray for the needs within the Body of Christ in Northeast Louisiana.

5. We covenant to pray for those in authority and those who risk their lives each day to protect and serve our community and nation.

6. We covenant to challenge and equip the men of northeast Louisiana to be strong Christian leaders.


Finally, we THANK GOD FOR ALL HE HAS DONE FOR US IN NELA. It is His goodness that has been shown over and over to grant us the blessings we have experienced in 2010.

Community Prayer Partners Steering Committee
Dale Walker, Chairman